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Carrie Alda Mortleman (born 3 September 1979) is an English / Australian children's book writer and illustrator. Her first book Hellie the Hovercraft Elephant was released in 2016. Trained as a graphic designer she uses a bold graphic style of illustration overlaid with rich colours and textures of photography shot at home and in her travels. Her writing style is a rhyming poem with a catchy rhythm. She terms her work 'edible literature' in that all the main characters are made of yummy delicious food.

Early Life:

Born & raised in Sydney Australia by 2 loving parents, Carrie was lucky enough to be the baby with 3 older siblings. She was selected for the Opportunity Class in Beecroft Primary School and later accepted to James Ruse Agricultural Selective High School. Dipped into this melting pot of cultures and intellect, her love of literature was forged by the iron fist of her English Teacher Miss Anderson. Miss Anderson taught her to adore Shakespeare, and to fear and love the dramatically dark poem Porphyria's Lover. But most of all she taught her passion, love and triumph in life and literature.

Education & Influence:

She went on to attain a Bachelor of Business at the University of Technology, Sydney, majoring in Marketing and French Language & Culture.
Carrie is a self-trained web & graphic designer and a skilled photographer.
She currently assists in teaching English in Calafell, Spain, and loves helping young children learn, laugh, imagine, read, make, speak and flourish. She is active in her local community as an English teacher and amateur Padel player.

Personal Life:

Carrie Mortleman is also known by her married name Carrie Jeziorny. She lives with her husband, 2 young daughters and labradoodle in the sleepy little seaside town of Calafell, Spain. She is a passionate, intelligent, warm, caring and gregarious personality who strives to leave a positive, abstract & lasting happy impression on all she meets.

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Carrie Mortleman on TV3 Tot Un Món

Television Appearance on TV3 Cataluña, Spain:

On the 18th Sep, 2016 I was honoured to be the 'return to season feature' for a popular Catalonian television program named Tot Un Món.

The program features foreigners who move to the area, what they do and why they love their new life.

I was over-joyed to be chosen for my children's picture book in English which has had a wonderful reception here in Spain. My contribution as a volunteer English teacher has opened doors for me that I would never have dreamed possible. Good karma is wonderful when it pays you back!

If you speak Spanish please forgive my mistakes, and Catalan even more so!

I am much more eloquent in English but no less enthusiastic, positive and happy.

Thank you TV3 and Tot un Món it was an honour!

Please click here to see the full video

Carrie Mortleman reading at crafts El Corte Ingles Tarragona

Storytelling and Craft Event, Casa Sagnier, Barcelona:

This Friday the 11th November, 2016 I will be reading Helllie and Queek to children at the delectable Casa Sagnier in Barcelona. It's a public building promoting culture, situated by the gardens of Enric Sagnier.

We will be recreating Hellie & Queek paper crafts with cotton wool, googly eyes and adding a shiny Christmas hat.

Please share with your friends, I hope to see you there for some pre-festive making fun and a lovely positive story of friendship and magic.

Carrie Mortleman reading at crafts El Corte Ingles Tarragona

Storytelling and Craft Event, El Corte Ingles, Tarragona:

On the 16th July, 2016 I read Helllie and Queek to children in El Corte Ingles, Tarragona.

We also did paper crafts of Queek and Hellie as seen on the crafts page of my website with cotton wool, googly eyes and lovely drawings by the kids.

We had a great turn-out and it was wonderful to share the book with more curious minds.

I adored visiting LIBER 2016 International Book Fair in Oct 2016.
Learnt SO MUCH about writing, inspiration, digital marketing, social networking, types of paper and finishes, APPS, games... just amazing to share time with intelligent and creative people.

Hellie the Hovercraft Elephant
Press Release - April 2016