from Kelly Fisher in Sydney, Australia: "As a parent and teacher the themes of friendship and self belief provide so much value for discussion both within the story and beyond. Whilst children enjoy this imaginative tale with it’s rhyming prose and vibrant graphics (my own son delighted in the illustrations, particularly the juxtaposition of photographic details with the authors own graphics), parents will enjoy reading this book with their kids for it’s creativity and humour.

A very ‘sweet’ story indeed- what’s not to love about Hellie, the elephant with fairy floss fur! "

from Soraya Martínez in Tarragona, Spain: "He encontrado el libro realmente fantástico. Es una bonita historia entre un elefante entrañable que encuentra un amigo muy especial en su vida. El libro está explicado de forma en la que no puedes dejar de leerlo hasta el final, donde las emociones juegan un papel muy importante en la vida del protagonista. Cuenta con un lenguaje muy peculiar lleno de adjetivos poco corrientes lo que ayuda a conocer nuevo vocabulario y adquirir un mayor nivel de inglés. Recomiendo su lectura a todo tipo de lectores, tanto niños,adolescentes y adultos. Todos disfrutarán de él y pasarán un buen rato."


from Anne in New Zealand: I bought the book, sight unseen, for my three-year-old great-nephew in the UK. According to his father, it was "Perfect. He loved it".

from Aaryan in the UK: "I really enjoyed your book especially the high and low part. And I liked the rhyming words and the pictures."

from Aaryan's dad Author M.K. Drake: "He really enjoyed it. The high and low thing, he was so into it he started using his hand like a plane. He liked the fact some words were more complicated as he could learn more meanings. And the fact he was asking what some words meant proves that he was really interested in what was happening. Well done."

from Theresa - Deputy Head Teacher of Olive Tree School in Spain: "Thank you so much for the lovely book. To have it signed by the author - so special!"

from Joanne in New Zealand: "My Hellie arrived and she is so stunning in print. The colours and your designs and everything are amazing. Such a beautiful dedication and personalised glossy poster. You are very clever and should be very proud xxxxxxx"

from Eve in Australia: "Thank you for my beautiful book. I like it very much."

from Lesley in New Zealand: "Well, well, have received your book and really impressed with it....thanks so much... Your graphics are amazing eg that snake..could almost eat it and I don't like snakes! Look forward to the next adventure."